A Year Flies By

I can’t believe it’s been an entire year since I’ve written anything here. While I’ve occasionally thought about it, I felt like I didn’t have much to write about. When I popped in earlier today, I saw that my last post was about the Chocoholic Frolic, which I ran again a week ago with friends.

This year has been lacking in the fitness and running department, but it’s been big in other aspects. In June, I started a new job, returning to recruiting. With that quickly came the opportunity to work from home, which has been amazing. However, a big change in schedules and/or work location can also upset other areas of life. For me, that meant it doesn’t make sense for me to run with my usual Moms on the Run group. I took most of the summer off, then joined a group closer to home – the group that I originally started with back in 2015. I miss my amazing friends, but I’ve enjoyed getting to meet and/or reunite with friends from the past.

I’ll step back a bit further in the year and mention that my running training was pretty abysmal. I felt burned out and uninterested in running. I ran a few races in the spring – Shake Your Shamrock, Hot Dash, Hot Chocolate – but went into all of them in a less than desirable head space, and under-trained. I knew I had Grandma’s Half in June, but I just couldn’t muster the interest or energy to give it the training cycle it deserved; added to that was a hamstring that was bothering me.  I seriously considered letting someone buy my bib, but completely missed the deadline for that.

When Grandma’s weekend rolled around, I decided I would go ahead and run the half marathon. Knowing it wouldn’t be pretty, my entire goal for the day was to experience everything on the course that I skipped the last two years, chasing my first marathon finish in 2017 and a half marathon PR in 2018. This year year, I drank the beer, ate the pickles and bacon, gave high-fives, and just had fun. I took it all in, had one of my worst finishing times in a half, and had a BLAST. It was so much fun! Having had three amazing experiences on the Grandma’s course, I feel I can step away from that and try something new.

After that weekend, I ran just a few times over the summer. I think I needed that time and space to let the burnout subside, and to miss running. That itch to start running again started in September, just in time for me to go into Ragnar Trail Wisconsin, still under-trained but in the right place mentally. My loop times were slower than usual, but I had a good time and was happy to be there; it remains one of my favorite running events.

In October, I ran the Fall 50 as a 4-person relay, in Door County, Wisconsin. Last year had crazy weather, but this year was cool, but predictable. My runs were about what I expected from them – slow, but enjoyable. It was another fun race.

Since then, I’ve been running twice weekly with my Moms on the Run group. However, classes ended last week. Other than the Saturday morning Polar Club, there won’t be classes at the location nearest me, until January. The past few days, I’ve been doing some thinking about what my fitness plan and running training needs to look like for the upcoming year.

This week, I’m starting a 10k training plan, which will bring me up to when I need to start training for my half marathon in May. Then, I’ll need to jump right into training for Ragnar Trail Michigan. I have a lot of races tentatively on the calendar for 2020, so I expect it to be a big year. I finally feel like I’m in a place where I WANT to be running again; the difference is that I’m not going to be chasing a pace this year – at least for the first several months. I want to be consistent, trained for the races I’m registered for, and having fun. More grace when it comes to pace. I’m going to be adding in strength training in the form of Beachbody workouts – I already have a Beachbody On Demand subscription and all of the equipment I need at home. Plus, without having to commute most days for work, it should be easy to find the time to commit to a home workout during my day!

I’m still working on my non-fitness goals, and I’ll share more about my past year in a separate post as we get closer to the end of the year.

Until next time, friends!

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