2018 Goals Update

It’s been a crazy, busy summer and time just slipped away!

In checking in with my 2018 goals, here’s where they stand as of today:

  1. Run 350 miles – I’m at 218 miles, so this is still in reach, just need to get to it!
  2. PR the Half Marathon Distance, preferably at the Gary Bjorklund Half (aka Grandma’s Half) – Completed. I hit a PR by 11 minutes!! Woot woot!


  1. PR the 10k Distance – I ran a few trail 10k races, but no road 10k races this summer. I have a 10k next week, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to hit my goal. Stay tuned!
  2. Run a few trail races – Completed. I ran 5 trail races this year. This will be a goal for 2019 again.
  3. Run a minimum of 13 races this year – Completed. So far, I’ve run 21 this year, with another five on the schedule!
  4. Read and/or listen to 100 books – I’m currently at 76, so this is still within reach. 
  5. Increase savings & pay down student loan debt – I have NOT done well in this area this year.
  6. Do more hiking, biking, and snowshoeing – This has also not happened, but will continue to be a goal for this year and next.

Other noteworthy items:

I completed my first Triathlon! The FreedomFest Tri is a small, beginner-friendly, un-timed Tri in Pine City, MN. The entire thing went better than expected and I fully intend to do this one again next year.

This year’s Ragnar Trail Northwoods was the coldest yet, with high winds for half of it. We went from tornado warnings on Thursday night, blustery winds on Friday, frost on Friday night, and mild, sunny weather on Saturday. Sleeping in a tent in 33* weather and not nearly enough warm layers was brutal, and I have never been so cold in my life! But, we survived and the running was great.

Another new experience this year was the Door County Fall 5o, but I’ll share more about that soon.

The next race on the agenda is the Anoka Gray Ghost 5k tomorrow. It’s one of my favorites!

80sfitnessHere’s a throwback to last year’s 80’s fitness costume.

Are you running any Halloween-themed races this year? If so, will you be in costume?



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