The Closing of 2017

Hello, hello!

It’s been a while, but I wanted to take a moment to recap what happened in my running life between the Run for the Apples in October and the close of 2017.

On October 27th, I ran the Scare in White Bear. It was snowy and cold, but a really nice small-town race. I’ve always been a big fan of evening races, so I loved this one. There were friendly zombies along the course, runners in costume, a small bonfire, and hot cocoa at the indoor awards ceremony. Parking was super easy and the course was mostly a flat, fast out-and-back. I plan on doing this race again in the future. My finishing time was 32:00.

The following afternoon, I ran the Anoka Gray Ghost. Anoka is considered the Halloween Capital of the World, so they go all out. I’ve run this race several times and I enjoy it every time. This year, a group of friends decided to dress in 80’s fitness gear. As a huge fan of costumes, I was IN!

This particular race is more about the atmosphere and fun with friends, so I took it easy and chatted with a friend while we ran. My finishing time was 34:46.

Next up was the Hale to the Bird 5k on Thanksgiving morning. This is another favorite race of my family’s. We love the small-town feel, nice course, and easy logistics. Nothing really stood out about the race this year, probably because it’s an annual thing for us. My finishing time was 32:35.

My last race of the year was the Jingle Bear 5k. This was our second year running this one. Again, it’s another race with a small-town feel. Much of the course is the same as the one for Scare in White Bear, just run in the opposite direction. It’s fast, flat, has a view of the lake (or ice in the winter), offers indoor restrooms, and has an indoor awards ceremony. My family plans to keep this race on our calendar as our annual December race.

2017 was my best running year yet, for so many reasons. I ran 20 races this year, ran my first marathon, PR’d my half marathon distance, PR’d my 5k distance, made more awesome memories with my favorite running friends, AND hit a PR on annual mileage! I finished out the year with 511 miles. My previous highest mileage year was 232 miles, back in 2012. My life felt like it absolutely revolved around running in 2017. Most importantly, though, is the fact that I was able to stay healthy through it all; it was almost magical.

The year of 2018 will look very different from 2017, because I will not be training for a marathon. I’ll get into more specifics about my plans for 2018 in my next post.

Until then, tell me about your best running year.


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