Throughout our lives, we encounter themes. It’s my belief that these themes are one of God’s ways of nudging us and asking us to pay attention to what he has in store for our lives. These themes may change by the season of life we’re in, or they may remain steady.

Lately, the big theme in my life is about reconnecting to those things that I loved as a kid. In the past month, I’ve read a book and listened to two audio books that discuss this very thing; our church is also currently doing a sermon series that touches on this. I think this is a nudge that I should pay attention to.

The thing that comes forefront to my mind when I think about what I loved as a kid? Writing. I was always writing when I was young, and to some extent continue to do so. As a kid, I kept journals, though not always consistently. I wrote poems, one of which was published in my high school literary magazine. I wrote short stories, song lyrics, and letters. I took unnecessary notes in class, just to put pen to paper. My friends and I even wrote stories together, in which we wrote a few pages, then passed it along to the next person to add a few pages, and so forth. We had SO much fun writing for each other and reading one another’s work. Whenever I stumble upon these writings in my storage boxes, I can’t help but smile and fondly remember those friends.

What I’ve found from my recent pondering is that I find my hand itching to take pen to paper and write. I realized that I still harbor a dream of being a published writer, whether that means a magazine article, a novel, or something else.

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Source: Woman writing. Pixabay, Public Domain

Yet, I haven’t made the time to put pen to paper, which makes me question why I haven’t. One reason is that I don’t know what to write. I suppose I could start by journaling again, hoping for inspiration. Another reason is lack of time, or at least the perceived lack of time. I have a tendency to pack my schedule so full that a creative endeavor is the last thing I want to do at the end of a busy day. I know that I need to lighten my schedule to allow more time for creativity, spontaneity, and leisure, but have a difficult time doing this in practice; this is always an area that needs improvement.

While blogging is a form of writing, I do this from my keyboard. However, there is something magical about putting a pen to paper and physically writing. It’s hard to explain, particularly to those who have never felt that magic. But, it’s a magic that I’m longing for and will be returning to very soon, in some format.

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For those of you who write, where do you find your inspiration?

What themes are you seeing in your life at the moment?

What did you love doing as a kid that you’d like to return to?

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