Warrior Dash MN 2017

Warrior Dash MN 2017 was held on Saturday, July 8th, at Caribou Gun Club in LeSueur, MN. This was my sixth time running this event, but for some reason, it’s the only one I still get nervous about. I was more nervous about Warrior Dash this year than I was about my marathon!


Pre-Mud pic

This year, we signed up for the noon wave in order to sleep in a bit longer, since it takes us about two hours to drive to LeSueur from our house. Two of our friends joined me, Nate, and Kiddo for this adventure. We arrived at Caribou Gun Club about an hour before our wave, which gave us plenty of time to use the restrooms, pick up our packets, and drop our stuff in bag check.

fisherman catch

Fisherman’s Catch

Our wave started on time, with the appropriate number of runners. Last year, morning storms delayed the first few waves, so there was a backlog of runners; this created long lines at the obstacles. This year, there weren’t any lines, which made it easier to navigate the course in a shorter amount of time.


Pallet Jacked

I felt like the level of difficulty at Warrior Dash has decreased over the years. First, the race was moved away from a ski slope to mostly flat farmland, which I appreciate. Then, it felt like the obstacles slowly decreased in difficulty level. On one hand, I understand that Warrior Dash is geared toward the beginner obstacle course runner, it leaves me on the fence about whether I’ll register in the future. I feel that I may need to find another race series that provides a little more challenge, and that’s okay. I appreciate that there is a place for beginners to get the experience; I just feel that I need a step up.

Fire leap

Warrior Roast

After our entire group had crossed the finish line, we grabbed hosed off, grabbed our stuff from bag check, and enjoyed our free beers. We hung out there for about an hour post-race before heading to Pizza Ranch for a late lunch.


Right after the finish!

Overall, it was a rather uneventful day. I had a good time on the course and enjoyed the company of friends and family.

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1 Response to Warrior Dash MN 2017

  1. Glad that you enjoyed it and that lines were not an issue this year, but sorry to hear it is not as challenging as it use to be.

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