Wear Blue: Run to Remember

Yesterday, my family and I participated in the Wear Blue: Run to Remember event in Blaine, MN. From their website:

wear blue: run to remember’s Memorial Day of Remembrance is our signature national event.  Partnering with local non-profits, we invite runners and walkers across the nation to join our mission by pledging to commit the miles that they run or walk in honor of each service member killed in the Global War on Terror. By the close of Memorial Day, runners and walkers across the nation will have shared in a national effort to honor every member of the American military who laid down his or her life for this country.

Prior to the event, participants can log into the Wear Blue website to pledge their miles. Participants can run in honor of a service member of their choosing, or they can choose to have one assigned. I ran in honor of Army 1st Lt. Joshua C. Hurley, who died on November 1, 2003 from a roadside bombing in Iraq. You can read more about him here.

Runners and walkers who did not pledge their miles on the Wear Blue website were given a local (Minnesota) service member to honor. Each participant wore a race bib with their service member’s name on it.

A short program started the morning, in which each participant shared the name of the service member they were running or walking for, a non-denominational prayer, and the national anthem. Along the course, there were flags with a fallen Minnesota service member’s name chalked on the path. The event was not timed, because the focus was on honoring those who sacrificed for our freedoms. It was a beautiful way to remember what Memorial Day is truly about. Because this wasn’t a race, I’m going to skip the details about my run. I will encourage you, though, to participate in a Wear Blue: Run to Remember event next Memorial Day.

While we can never thank our military and their families enough for their sacrifices, we can remember those sacrifices and let them know they are appreciated.

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