2017 Ambassador!

This week has been an exciting one in my running journey.

First, I ran 18 miles last Sunday, with one of my training friends. We started with an out and back totaling 12 miles, so we could stop for a restroom break and refill our water. Then, we ran a few loops around the park to get the remaining six miles. Our pace was 13:12 overall, but was faster for first 15 miles. In the last few miles, my friend had some stomach issues, so we slowed down the pace so we could get through them all. We got through it and I recovered quicker than I expected.

Next, the 2017 Moms on the Run (MOTR) season started up. I attend class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This year, MOTR is focusing on V02 max training, or speed work. On Tuesday, I pushed pretty hard and had every intention of slowing it down Thursday so as not to burn out my legs for my weekend run.

On Thursday, I thought I was slowing down, but in reality I ran even faster than I had on Tuesday. Amazingly, it didn’t FEEL harder and it’s the very first time I saw a pace in the 7 minute range. Yes, it was only for 30 seconds at a time, but it’s still my fastest pace for any burst of time. I impressed myself!

After class on Thursday, I headed out to meet with another friend for a quick three mile run. My total running total for the day was 7.38 miles, which covered my long run for the weekend since my family had a 5k on the books for Saturday.

While at the Minnesota Horse Expo on Friday, I checked my emails at one point and found out I was chosen as a 2017 Moms on the Run Ambassador! As an Ambassador, I will be representing Moms on the Run at races, chatting with people about the program, and posting on social media. Basically, everything I already do, with the benefit of some gear from MOTR sponsor 361 Degrees. Check out their gear!


Lastly, my family ran the 4-H Clover Dash 5k on Saturday morning, along with a few friends. I went into the race hoping for a PR. Did I make it? More on that later.

Overall, it was a very successful week in terms of my running and I’m super excited about the rest of my season and my role as a MOTR Ambassador!

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