Running is My Life

Lately, it does feel like running is my life. Even though I only run three days per week, it feels like more because I’m constantly thinking about running. Marathon planning consumes my brain more days than not and it feels like the only time I can shut it off for more than a few minutes at a time is when I’m reading a book or listening to an audio book. Heck, I even talk about it at work because a co-worker is training for the same race and two others have previously run it!

In preparation for the marathon, the nerd in me has researched fueling, hydration, and gear. I’ve read countless blogs about other’s marathon experiences. I’ve read and re-read the Grandma’s Marathon website so much, I almost have it memorized. I know where the water stops, bathrooms, and fuel will be. My poor husband knows more about running and training than he’s ever wanted to know.

In a conversation the other night, I mentioned that it will be nice to have more free time when the marathon is over. I’m particularly looking forward to sleeping more on weekends. Nate then told me that he could see me signing up for another one, or something just as crazy. I can’t deny that what he said sounds like me. I’m hoping that one marathon is enough and I can be a “one and done” kind of person, but I also know that I’m the type to keep pushing myself toward new accomplishments when it comes to running.

To be completely honest, the nerves are now starting to visit periodically. With only three longer runs left (18, 20 and 23 miles) of my training plan, it’s feeling more real. In less than 60 days, assuming all goes well (it will), I’ll be a marathoner. Hopefully, this means I’ll also be less obsessed with running.

What? You don’t believe me? Yeah, I’m not sure I do, either…

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1 Response to Running is My Life

  1. Patrice Swan says:

    You got this, Heather!!

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