Another Marathon Update

This weekend, my marathon training plan called for 16 miles, which is the longest distance I’ve ever covered in a single run.

I met my awesome training group, composed of other Moms on the Run ladies, at 7:00 am on Saturday. If you know me, you know this is really early for me, especially on a weekend. During the week I arise at 6:30 am and for this run, I was up at 5:30 am. Brutal, yes, but running the distance on my own would have been even more brutal.

We met up at our usual weekday running location and headed out. The plan was 5.5 miles out, then 5.5 miles back, followed by a quick stop at our vehicles to refuel. Then, we would head out for a few loops around the park to get the remaining five miles in.

Our run was pretty uneventful. We chatted the entire time and the time felt like it flew past, which isn’t easy to say when you’re running for 3.5 hours! This group of women have made training fun, which is something I didn’t quite believe possible when they told me that it would be this way. I am so thankful for this group and know I wouldn’t be attempting this without them. During our run, it was fun seeing other groups out training for Grandma’s in their training shirts; there were a lot of smiles, words of encouragement, and cheers between the groups. The friendliness of the running community is a big part of why I’ve stuck with it so long.

After finishing our run, with a 13:08 average pace, we spent some time snacking, chatting, and stretching before heading out to get on with our weekends. Honestly, I can’t wait to be back out training with these ladies tomorrow. I’m enjoying every minute and mile of their company and can’t wait until we’re celebrating our accomplishments after crossing that finish line on June 17th!
This coming weekend, we “only” have to 6.5 miles, then the following weekend jumps us up to 18 miles. Only three LONGER runs left between now and race day!

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