Moms on the Run

As I mentioned a few days ago, I joined the organization Moms on the Run (MOTR), back in September. I had heard about the organization from people at several races and finally decided to look into it. Upon learning they had a group near me, I decided to sign up for the 9 week fall program and see what it was all about. I knew I needed some sort of class for motivation and accountability, so this seemed like it might fit the bill.

While the name Moms of the Run might suggest that one has to be a mom to join, that isn’t the case. Any woman can join and because the formal consists of running intervals, any fitness level is welcome, too.

The fall session format started with a brief warm-up, 20 minutes of run/walk intervals, 20 minutes of strength training, and a cool-down. Equipment needed are simply running shoes, a yoga mat (if desired), and a pair of hand weights (again, if desired).

What struck me first about the group was how friendly, encouraging and welcoming everyone was, regardless of size, fitness level, or speed. As someone coming off almost a year without running because of any injury and excuses, it was important to me that I could ease back into the fitness game.

I fell in love and looked forward to running again. Then, on the days I didn’t look forward to running, I looked forward to seeing the other ladies. It usually only took a few minutes in the company of my classmates before I was motivated to work hard and give it my all. And, if I missed a class, people noticed and asked how I was or where I was; this was exactly what I needed to get back on the running wagon.

After fall session, I registered for the winter strength and boot camp classes, then jumped right into the 18 week spring session. I’m still in love with the program and because of it, I’m seeing faster running times that I’ve seen since April 2014, when I injured my ankle.

With just a few weeks to go before our year-end race and banquet, I’m looking ahead to the fall session and continuing to exercise with my new running friends. How could I pass up a group that focuses on friendship, fitness, and fun?

Perhaps the best part is that the first class is free to try and any woman can join in on the year-end race! Give it a try this week, or jump in on the fall session, starting soon. Check out their website to find a location near you; maybe I’ll even see you at class!

(I did not receive any compensation of any kind for this post. I’m just enthusiastic about this organization!)


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