It’s Been a While

Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve been here. When I last checked in, it was the dawn of 2015 and I was still working on putting together goals and trying to re-boot.

Shortly after my last post, my position with my employer was eliminated and I spent the next six months of the year attending classes, job searching, and spending time with God. As it usually plays out, losing my job was SUCH a blessing, though not in disguise. I had been looking for another job for a few years, so the moment I was told I was being let go with unemployment benefits and a severance package, I felt pure relief.

In August of last year, I was hired at nonprofit organization working in a field I’ve considered for YEARS. It’s a perfect complement to my volunteer work as a therapeutic horseback riding instructor. The path that got me to my current employer can only be credited to God I’m still amazed.

After getting settled in my new job, I was able to start focusing on fitness again. For the sake of accountability, I joined Moms on the Run (MOTR), a women’s running group. Their fall workout format included running intervals, followed by a boot camp style strength routine. I fell in love with it and ended up doing strength workouts, including kettlebell classes, with them throughout the winter.

Spring rolled around and I joined the 18 week MOTR running session, which consists of 30 minutes of running intervals, followed by a short strength and stretching routine. Again, I fell in love. We have just a few weeks left until our year-end race and banquet, but I’ll be continuing with MOTR throughout the year.

As far as fitness goes, I’m finally feeling like I did 5 years ago when I was focused on running and living a healthier lifestyle. My 5k running times are within just a few minutes of where they were when I was in peak running condition. I’ve been making better food choices. I have accountability for my workouts and more races scheduled. Overall, I just feel good again. I’ll be posting some race recaps soon.

I’ll keep this one brief and wish you a wonderful weekend.

Are you doing anything fun over the weekend? Any races coming up? Tell me about it!




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