New Year, New Goals

Happy New Year to you!

It’s that time of year when everyone under the sun makes resolutions or goals for the new year. I am no exception, though I still haven’t quite pinned down my exact goals.

Back in October, I was sorting through feelings about running and where to put my fitness focus. To be honest, I didn’t get very far and only ran a few more times between then and the end of 2014. It was ugly.

A few things I DO know are that I’m re-focusing on fitness, though my goals in this area won’t be tied to any body weight, clothing size, or measurement numbers. Any goals I do come up with will be tied to performance, as these are the things we can truly train for and change over time. Our bodies, as we all know, don’t always respond the way we want to our efforts.

For starters, I will be focusing on getting and staying more organized, getting my finances back in order, and putting together a healthy living plan. Over the next few days, I’ll be finalizing what I want my 2015 to look like.

What are your resolutions or goals for the year?

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