Review: Wellvize

As I mentioned in my last post, this year I’m re-focusing on my running and have signed up for another half marathon (or two) this year. This year, though, I’m following a training plan. Crazy, I know.

My primary reason for deciding to actually follow a training plan is because I felt so horrible when I finished the half marathon distance before. Well, that and the fact that I could barely walk for three days afterward.

Like most people, I went online and search training plans and massaged one to follow my currently weekly schedule. That was until I heard about online coaching from Wellvize from this blogger, Kat. (Whom I had the privilege of meeting at one of the last Metrodome runs). You can read her Wellvize review here.

Once I heard how much progress Kat was seeing in just a few short weeks working with a Wellvize coach, I started thinking about it. After a few days of thinking, I decided I had nothing to lose by trying it out.

Registering on the site was very easy. You can even get a FREE two week trial by going to Payment is made through PayPal and is set up as a monthly recurring charge unless you cancel – which you can easily do directly through PayPal.

Once I registered, I got an email from a coach almost immediately. Coach Dan (I don’t know if he goes by Coach Dan, but in my mind he does) asked me questions about my goals, workout preferences, schedule and the kind of equipment I have access to. After I responded to his first round of questions, he sent a few more specific questions asking me about my pace goals, longest recent run, etc. Shortly after he received my responses to those questions, I had an email saying that my workout schedule had been updated.

I quickly logged into the Wellvize site, which you can easily do from your phone, and there were two weeks of workouts outlined. On the bottom of each workout, it had a note field asking if any changes were necessary. I had one small change and shortly after entering that information, I got an updated workout.

Then, I jumped into the first week of workouts. I love that any strength workouts are linked to a site where you have the option to watch animation videos of the moves, as well as the option to print out the workout with full instructions for each move!

Coach Dan’s workouts were definitely harder and longer than I had originally planned based on the half marathon training plan I was looking at. I personally think this is a good thing and exactly why I even considered online coaching/training. I need to be pushed harder than I would push myself and I need to be accountable to someone other than friends and family who will let me slide if I “don’t feel like” exercising.

At the end of the day, or after you complete a workout, you log into Wellvize and check off whether you did the workout or not and you can leave as much detail on the workout as you’d like in the note field; that information is then used by your coach/trainer to further customize your workout plan.

I just started my third week of using Wellvize and so far I’m very happy with the progress I’m seeing in my running performance as well as the fact that ALL of my workouts are tailored to be done at home with equipment I own, since I don’t belong to a gym.

Things that I love about Wellvize:

  • Viewing my workout plan is simple, as is logging information for my coach.

  • I get an entire week of workouts at a time so I can easily plan my week.

  • No gym necessary and since it’s virtual, it’s flexible enough to fit into any schedule.

  • Workouts use equipment I already own, so it keeps costs down.

  • Response times are FAST both via email and via the workout log on the website.

  • It’s a customized program to meet MY goals and needs.

  • The cost is only $20 per month!

Things I dislike about Wellvize:

  • Nothing – at least not yet. I’m still in the honeymoon phase, so things may change as we get a few more weeks into it. However, I’m really hoping this is just the start of a great relationship.

I realize that a program like this won’t work for everyone. Some people need the face-to-face time with a trainer to meet their goals. Others are GREAT at making their own workout plans and pushing themselves hard enough to meet their goals.

However, if you’re like me and really just need someone to take the guesswork out things for you, I highly recommend giving Wellvize a try!

As I get further into my training plan with Coach Dan, I plan to give more thoughts and feedback on how it’s going. The true test, however, won’t be until I run my half marathon in May since that’s the goal I’m working toward.

If you give Wellvize a try, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

Have you ever use an online coaching or training program?

*Disclaimer: I did not receive any compensation for this review. I simply like sharing information about products and services I enjoy.*

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