A Holiday Shred and a Running Steak

As I mentioned before, I’ve been participating in Bobbi McCormick’s Shred challenges over the past few months. The last one I participated in was the Holiday Shred, which ran from November 18th through December 27th.

While the previous Shreds focused more on weight loss, the Holiday Shred focused on weight maintenance through the holidays. Because the focus was different, it allowed for more flexibility in the eating plan so that participants didn’t feel deprived of their favorites during the holidays.

The biggest reason I signed up for this particular challenge, besides good results in the previous Shreds, was the inclusion of 5k and 10k running plans that ended with a Christmas Eve races.

I started the first few weeks with weight loss on the scale without really trying all that hard. The later weeks proved more difficult as the holidays and their signature dishes came along. However, as was the goal of this Shred, I managed to maintain through the holidays. I had no difference in weight between the starting weigh-in and the ending weigh-in. Mission accomplished!

Bobbi followed up the Holiday Shred with the New Year’s Shred, which I chose not to participate in for a few reasons. Primarily, I felt the dietary requirements which included a sugar detox, was too restrictive for me and would only discourage me coming off of the holidays. I need a slower return to normal. Also, I wanted to focus more on running and implementing a half marathon training plan.

However, I will say that I would consider participating in Bobbi’s future challenges and can only say good things about them. I love that they’re flexible enough to fit into any schedule, have great recipes, have fantastic group support via Facebook, and have access to Bobbi via email at any time. Plus, her plans are affordable, which is always a plus!

During the Shred, I was also participating in the Runner’s World Run Streak, which challenges runners to run at least one mile per day from Thanksgiving Day through New Year’s Day. To include the run streak in the Holiday Shred plan, I followed the Shred running plan on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and used the daily mile requirement as the warm-up before my workouts on the other days. It worked great.

My running streak started on Thanksgiving Day with a family 5k and ended with 2.75 miles on New Year’s Day. My total mileage during the run streak was 65 miles.

Then, the evening of New Year’s Day, I came down with a cough that got worse and led to a nasty cold. I was out of commission, where workouts and running were concerned, for a week and a half. Happy New Year to me, right?

I’m happy to report that although January didn’t start out strong, I jumped back into my workouts as soon as I was healthy enough and am going strong.

How did your 2014 start out?

Did you participate in the Runner’s World Run Streak or a Holiday Shred?

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