Marathon Sports Night Run

A few weeks ago, I attended the Marathon Sports Tuesday night run. I heard about these organized runs through Meetup, but they are free for the general public. Often times, these runs are sponsored by running gear and running shoe companies.

The event I attended was sponsored by Feetures! running sock company. Upon arrival, we signed in and were given a complimentary pair of socks, which was a great surprise. Often times the sponsor companies provide beverages (including beer), snacks, giveaways and sometimes even pizza but usually not a free item for each attendee.

After signing in, runners are loosely organized by pace and distance (3 or 6 miles on the night I attended) and sent out the door to run around Lake Harriet. Since I’m slow, just getting back into the swing of things with my running, and attended with a few running friends, we started at the back of the pack for a slower three-mile run.

This particular night was windy and cold, even by mid-November standards in Minnesota. The start of our run was fairly sheltered, but as we hit the more open side of the lake, it was downright frigid! The wind was blasting us head-on and the waves were large enough that they were splashing over the running path in a few spots. We trucked on and eventually made our way back to the store for our snacks and beverages.

The scenery was absolutely breathtaking, though. Running around the lake at night with the moon reflecting on the water and the waves breaking at the shore was spectacular. It was definitely a nice change, even with the wind and cold. I’ve run this lake before for 5ks (Reindeer Run, Valentine’s Day TC) but never at night. I highly recommend giving it a go!

When we arrived back at the store, we were greeted with water, beer selections, and Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies. I chose a Kona Pipeline Porter, which I would recommend if you like dark beers with coffee and chocolate flavors.

Following some conversation, we headed to Broders Cucina next door for a slice of delicious pizza. Overall, it was a nice event and I would definitely join in the festivities again!

Stay tuned for a review of the Feetures! socks.

Have you participated in group runs? 

Do you prefer running with a group or alone?

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