A Busy Week!

Although most weeks are busy for me since I have a tendency to overfill my schedule, this past week has felt a little hectic.

In my last post, I mentioned that we were under a winter weather advisory on November 5th. We did end up getting snow, but not nearly as much as was in the original forecast. It was just a light, pretty snow.

The falling snow was particularly pretty falling in front of the Landmark Building in downtown St. Paul, where I met a friend for dinner at Great Waters Brewery. Great Waters had delicious beer; I had their Brown Trout Brown Ale and the Black Watch Oat Stout. Both were delightful and I wouldn’t hesitate to order them again. However, the food was good but nothing spectacular. I had the London Broil with mashed potatoes and while the meat and ale reduction had good flavor, the mashed potatoes fell short as did the seasonal veggies. I think the hamburger my friend ordered looked much better.

Upon reaching my car in the parking ramp after dinner, I had a dead car battery. Note to self, do NOT leave your headlights on for four hours. Thankfully, my friend was able to drive into the parking ramp and jump my dead battery. I’ll admit, though, that I locked myself in my car while I waited for her thanks to a fear of parking ramps at night (too many scary movies, perhaps).

After we let my car run for a few minutes to charge, I made it home without further problems, but it was late and I was TIRED! Thank goodness for good friends who keep jumper cables in their vehicles!

On Thursday evening, I met with a running friend for a short run in the brisk weather, followed by dinner at Citizen Cafe. The menu was unique and I tried their Citizen Joe, which was a sloppy joe in a pastry puff. The meal was good, but I prefer sloppy joes with a tomato base over the gumbo style, so it wasn’t a favorite. However, the dill salt french fries were fantastic! We also tried the “Sausage du jour” appetizer, which was a chicken chorizo in a chimichurri that day. I was hesitant since I’d never had chimichurri before (I’m not an adventurous eater), but I was better than I expected.

Saturday was a full day, starting out with a windy and cold run (well, run/walk for Nate and I) before heading to Stanley’s Northeast Bar Room for breakfast. Stanley’s is a favorite of my running group for post-race beverage and meals. I had my favorite breakfast, the Brisket fajitas with sweet potato hash. If you visit there, I highly recommend these! My beverage of choice was the Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout. What a delicious beer! It’s VERY dark and while its initial taste is of coffee, it finishes with a dark chocolate taste. A perfect breakfast beer if you ask me!

After breakfast, we headed home to shower and take care of my mom’s dog, whom we were dog-sitting for the weekend. We had just a few hours at home before we were on the road again headed to Saturday service at church.

Directly following church, we were headed to Anoka High School for their production of Grease, which a friend’s son was starring in as Danny Zuko. The play was very good and I had high expectations going into because, well, it’s Grease! Congrats to the cast for a successful and entertaining show!

Sunday started slow with sleeping in, having a nice breakfast at home, then lounging around. Then, once we did get going for the day, it felt like the day sped up. We headed over to my mom’s house to check on her cat, stopped by the boarding stable where my horse lives, then took Kiddo to his church musical practice.

While Kiddo was at practice, we met my in-laws for dinner at Applebee’s. Even though I had a salad for dinner, I still felt gross. I don’t know what that place does to their food, but they manage to make salads, grilled chicken and veggies super high in sodium and calories. I always feel terrible after eating there. Lesson learned….again!

That brings us to this week. I’m tired just writing what I did over the past week!

Last night was our last Discover class through church, so our Monday nights open up now…until I fill them with something else, anyway. Tonight should be a quiet evening at home doing laundry and dishes, a quick run on the treadmill, and reading. It will be a nice break before the whirlwind starts again.

What was your favorite part of the past week? Any big plans for the coming week or weekend?




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1 Response to A Busy Week!

  1. Suzanne says:

    Wow, you have been really busy!

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