I Forgot I Had a Blog!

Okay, I didn’t actually completely forget, but it was close. This summer felt like a whirlwind of busy and now that my schedule is freeing up a bit, I thought it would be time to come back here. We all know I haven’t done even a mediocre job of keeping things updated here but maybe things will get better.

I also know I promised a Ragnar Relay post and I had fully intended on doing one but now that two months have lapsed since the event, I don’t feel a post now would do it justice. Plus, I didn’t take many pictures because I’m terrible about that. Thank goodness Nate takes care of the photographic story of our lives! As follow-up, though, I am planning on running Ragnar Relay Great River 2014. 

Since Ragnar, I’ll admit I haven’t been running and I don’t even have a good reason or excuse. It just feels like my time has been dedicated to other things. At least right now I don’t feel like I hate running anymore and I’m starting to contemplate a 5k improvement plan or a 10k training plan to gently get back to running.

However, I did run the Esprit de She 5k in Maple Grove in September, finishing in 35:29. Granted, it’s definitely not fast, even by my personal standards, but I went into it with the goal of running sub 12:00 miles and met that goal without any walking breaks. It tells me that although I’ve fallen away from where I was with my running, I’m not starting completely over even though it feels like it sometimes.

The next race on the schedule is a Halloween 5k on Saturday, October 26th. I’m shopping for my costume tonight (procrastination, I know!) because I LOVE running in costume! I don’t have any time goals for this race; I’m just letting myself ease back into it and have fun. Plus, there may or may not be a cold adult beverage as the warm-up 😉

I have a few other races on the schedule, which you can take a peak at in my 2013 Schedule. I need to find one more to hit my revised goal of 10 races this year. Next year, I’m going to work on at least one race per month again because it kept me moving and motivated in the past.

In non-running news, I’ve been focusing on eating “cleaner” (read: fewer processed foods) and participated in the Fall Shred from Bobbi McCormick over at NHerShoes. Her shred programs are awesome because you get sample meal plans and recipes, a weekly shopping list, workouts and access to her advice as a personal trainer at a very reasonable price! During the Fall Shred, I only did have the workouts (slacker!), but still managed to lose 6 lbs by eating healthier!

Currently I’m doing Bobbi’s Extreme Fall Shred, but haven’t been exercising. I know my results won’t be as good, but I’m anxious to see whether I was still able to see a loss by continuing the healthier eating. I’ll have my answer next week.

I’m also signed up for Bobbi’s Holiday Shred, a six-week program starting in November and going through the holidays. This one includes the meals, shopping lists, workouts, access to Bobbi’s advice AND a running plan with the goal of doing either a 5k or 10k on Christmas Eve. I’m really looking forward to this one because it syncs up well with the goals I’m looking at for 2014.

Speaking of 2014, I’m already working on goals. Can you believe we’re more than 3/4 of the way through 2013? As I mentioned above, one goal will be to complete 12+ races. I’ve already signed up for the Run or Dye 5k in April with my sister, who is using this race as her first attempt to run a full 5k! I have a few other races in mind, but will register as they get closer (or go on sale on Black Friday). A sub-50 minute Warrior Dash is also on the list. As we get closer to the New Year, I’ll post the full list.

Have you started thinking about your 2014 goals yet? Any races between now and the New Year that you have your eye on?

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