During my log break from the blogosphere, I also took a break from watching what I ate and from exercising. During the course of the past eight months or so, I managed to pack on 20+ lbs that I previously lost. 

I mentioned before that I received a BodyMedia Advantage and collected data for a while before analyzing it or setting any goals. Then, slowly, I started looking at the data and determining what I should be doing with it. I started by choosing a daily calorie range.

Last week, I decided it was time to add intentional exercise back into the mix. At the same, I decided I should do said exercising before work in the mornings. Such crazy talk, considering I am NOT a morning person and never have been. I’ve tried to force myself into morning workouts in the past, but they’ve only lasted a few days before I decided my bed was more inviting. The strange thing, though, is that I always regret those missed workouts. Perhaps stranger is the fact that I’m always thinking about getting up to exercise in the mornings.

With those big decisions last week, I put a plan together that included how to wake up earlier and what my exercise routine would look like. In order to wake earlier, I set my alarm clock to “musicwake” so that I could wake gently. Then, I set my cell phone (my usual alarm) to it’s usual intense beeping noise. Before bed, I prayed to God asking him to help me find the motivation and desire to get up the next morning to exercise.

When the next morning rolled around, it was almost easy to get out of bed. Whew! As the week progressed, it got even easier. I couldn’t believe it.

What’s even harder to believe is that I not only made it through that first week, but it’s now Monday afternoon and the start of week two and my workout was done at 5:40 am this morning! I have to admit how nice it is to have it “out of the way” for the day. No guilt about getting home too late in the evening and having to decide between bed or exercise.

I realize it’s early yet to determine whether the morning routine will stick, but a short workout followed by a protein shake breakfast seems to give me more energy and focus during the day. I’ve heard this could happen, but never quite believed it.

Last week’s successful plan:

Monday: 10K training run

Tuesday: Jillian Michaels Body Revolution (JMBR)

Wednesday: JMBR

Thursday: 10k training run

Friday: JMBR

Saturday: 10 training run

Sunday: Rest!

This week’s plan is the same, except I’ll have to work harder to stick to it since we’ll be traveling to Michigan for a cousin’s wedding. That means I’ll need to visit the hotel treadmill on Saturday morning and possibly on Monday morning if we end up staying an extra night in a hotel!


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1 Response to Motivated!

  1. Suzanne says:

    Great job last week! Hope this week is off to a good start for you.

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