Jillian Michaels Body Revolution – Phase 1 Results

I’ve been dragging my feet on doing this post because I’m frustrated with my lack of results. Granted, I took a week off between Week 2 and Week 3 and my eating habits haven’t been great. Still, I guess I expected something more exciting after seeing such great results with 30 Day Shred and no dietary changes.

My total results for Phase 1 was a GAIN of 2 lbs. on the scale and a loss of 0.5″ on my bicep. Disappointing, I know!

What I wasn’t prepared for, though, was seeing a 3.2 lb. LOSS on the scale this morning, which puts me at a weight below where I started JMBR!

In the past week, I haven’t changed much, except that I’ve decided not to eat back my exercise calories, based on some interesting information presented by a member of MyFitnessPal and the calorie recommendations in the TurboFire materials.

Overall, I’m enjoying the program. Jillian is a lot more personable and encouraging in this program than she is in 30 Day Shred or on Biggest Loser, which I like. The workouts are tough, but nothing that I couldn’t do with some slight modifications to some of the moves. In starting Phase 2, there were moves that I couldn’t dream of doing when they were done in 30 Day shred, yet I can do them now. So, even though I haven’t seen changes in measurements, I’m definitely seeing changes in fitness performance.

So far, I’ve only done the Phase 1 cardio DVD a few times and haven’t done the Phase 2 cardio at all yet. I’ve been substituting my weekly 3-4 mile run for one day of cardio and skipping the second day of cardio altogether; however, I may change this.

I’m disappointed that I don’t have better results to share, and I hope it doesn’t discourage anyone who was considering doing this program. I still think it’s a very good program and I’m optimistic about seeing some better results from Phase 2, especially if today is any indication.

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One Response to Jillian Michaels Body Revolution – Phase 1 Results

  1. evilcyber says:

    Personally I don’t quite like Jillian Michaels, as her fitness ideas often sound like this-solution-will-help-everyone, which could make those for whom they don’t work feel like a failure.

    If her program doesn’t do it for you, check out others. We’re all individuals and have to find what for us personally does the trick.

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