Running Restart

It’s no secret that I’ve really struggled with running since about June. Doing a few long runs for marathon training made me crabby and sore and I haven’t quite rebounded. Not to mention, it killed my speed and any desire I had to run.

While I never quit completely, my weekly mileage averages about 4 miles per week. Pretty sad. I just couldn’t get past the pain and the mental obstacle of hating running. The only thing I didn’t hate was the cute gear involved with being a runner.

Last week, I had a really good run with one of my Thursday night running friends. We talked horses (I can’t tell you enough how happy I have her to talk horses with!), walked when we needed to and pushed more than either of us had in a long time. We felt pretty accomplished to finish 3 miles in 39 minutes, considering we’re both starting over.

Yesterday, we had an even better run. This time, 3 miles took 37 minutes. Hurray for improvement! Again, we pushed harder, walked when needed and talked horses the entire time.

The result? After two great runs in a row, we’re both feeling pretty darn good about our weekly 3 mile run. I’m even starting to remember why I ever enjoyed running.

What’s even crazier is that I’m actually looking forward to the Diva Dash 5k tomorrow morning! I’m trying very hard to focus on just enjoying the race and not having any time goals. I’m basically starting over in the running area, working on getting some speed and endurance back. But, knowing that I don’t intend to run anything over 10 miles again (don’t quote me on that), makes me feel a lot more relaxed. My plan is to run with music, which I haven’t done in a long time, and just let my body dictate the speed.

When I started running almost two years ago (where has the time gone?), I LOVED 5k races. They’re short, you can see improvement quickly and they don’t take much time out of your day. The smaller crowds also work better for me because I don’t have a chance for anxiety over porta potty lines, parking problems and getting lost, to kick in.

Tomorrow’s race is a smaller local, women’s only, race with about 1200 participants. After the race, there are door prizes such as Athleta running gear and Coach purses, a taco bar and an after party at a local bar. What’s better than a beer with friends after a good run?

I’ll let you all know how it goes!

Anyone else racing this weekend?

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