Jillian Michaels Body Revolution – Initial Thoughts

As I shared yesterday, I started Jillian Michaels’ Body Revolution yesterday morning, which is a 90 day exercise program. The JMBR program comes with 15 workout routines (12 circuit, 3 cardio), a meal plan, and a journal. If you purchase the program online, the program also comes with a Jillian Michaels resistance band, which is not included in the kit purchased from Target.

The day I received my package, I read through the materials and quickly decided I would not be following Jillian’s meal plan or 1200 calorie per day recommendation. I’ve decided to continue eating at the level I calculated before beginning 30 Day Shred and to eat whatever I want as long as I stay within my calorie range. My reasoning behind this is that after three years on my fitness journey, I have learned that my body is happier on the “eat more to weigh less” plan. There are great articles on the web if you want to learn more about this way of thinking.

On the day I received my copy of JMBR, I also watched the first three workout routines so I had an idea of what I would be getting into. None of the three looked too terrible, but we all know that watching an exercise DVD doesn’t always give us an accurate idea of what the program is actually like.

Two days into the program, I still believe the first two workouts are easy. By this I mean that compared to Level 3 of 30 Day Shred, they’re easier, but I still had to work hard and was quite sweaty when I finished. Tomorrow, I’ll be doing the first cardio workout, so I may be changing my opinion on this “easy” thing at that time.

I like that the workouts are all approximately 30 minutes (yesterday’s was 32 minutes and today’s was 36 minutes), so I can get them done at 5am before work. I also like that the workouts are set up in circuits so I have a chance to try the moves and then master them when the circuit repeats. It’s also nice seeing my old friends Natalie and Anita from 30 Day Shred.

We all know that Jillian can be militant and annoying, but in the first two DVDs, she’s actually funny and encouraging, which I like. It will be interesting to see if her personality changes as the workouts get tougher.

So far, I think I’m going to love this program. I read MANY reviews on the program before deciding to give it a try and try as I might, I wasn’t able to find any negative reviews about the results or the workouts. Of course, there were people who love Jillian and people who hate Jillian, but the program itself got nothing but glowing reviews.

Based on my initial thoughts and the reviews I’ve read, I’m very optimistic that I’ll be able to stick with the entire 90 days AND see some good results.

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