30 Day Shred Final Results

The results are in, but first, a little about the journey.

I started 30 Day Shred on August 22nd, with the primary reason being to simply stick to an exercise program for a specific amount of time. I needed something structured to keep me accountable and motivated.

When I started 30 Day Shred, I also decided that I would be exercising prior to work in the mornings, which meant a 5am alarm. For someone like me, who is naturally a night owl, this added difficulty to the routine.

I’m happy to say that with the exception of a few workouts, I DID get up at 5am to exercise. Some days I was dragging and other days it was easy to hop out of bed (something I never imagined happening).

Now, some of you are thinking “I thought she started in August. Why didn’t she finish until October if it’s a 30 Day program?” Good question.

From the very beginning, I decided I would do my 30 Day Shred routines Monday through Friday and give myself the weekends to do other activity or rest if needed. Of course, this increases the number of days actually needed to complete the program. Then, throw in a week off for the muscle I pulled in my back. Lastly, I skipped the last two workouts because of a sinus cold.

Considering the obstacles that sidelined me from my workouts and the fact that I didn’t really change my eating habits (except for staying within my calorie range most days), I’m happy with my final results. I realize they would have been better had I eaten a cleaner diet and not taken so much time off of workouts, but I wanted to be sure these changes were something I could stick with long-term.

Finally, the results. I lost 3 lbs. and 10.25” overall! These numbers show me a few things. First, the scale is an inaccurate measure of the overall picture and it is SO important to also measure things like body fat or inches. Secondly, my calorie calculations for losing weight while maintaining or gaining muscle seem to be working. Lastly, I am actually able to get up at 5am AND stick with a workout program!

I think being flexible and really listening to what my body needed through this program was vital and I think it was a huge key in sticking with it and not “falling off the wagon” when things weren’t going my way.

The whole experience has made me confident that I can stick with an exercise routine, which is good, because I’ve committed myself to another 90 days with Jillian Michaels. This morning, I started her Body Revolution program, which appears to be very similar to Jillian’s previous exercise DVDs. By this I mean that they combine strength, cardio and ab moves and all of the workouts are approximately 30 minutes in length.

This morning’s workout felt easy, most likely because I just completed 30 Day Shred. However, I know it will become more intense to keep the progress rolling. I’m really interested in seeing what the next 90 days brings; hopefully the results will be even better than 30 Day Shred!

Because I’m a believer in rewards, I’m continuing with only allowing myself flavored coffee on the mornings I get my workout done before work (during the week, anyway). I’m also going to gift myself another workout program when I complete Body Revolution; at the moment I’m leaning toward TurboFire or Les Mills Pump. Unless, of course, I have the funds for my Bowflex SelectTech weights; in that case, I’ll start ChaLean Extreme next.

Have any of you done Body Revolution? What’s your favorite exercise program?

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2 Responses to 30 Day Shred Final Results

  1. You lost TEN inches?! That’s incredible, congrats! I think I might need to try this 30 day shred…

  2. Brad@MyFitHQ says:

    10.25″ inches is Crazy Good! Nice work!

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