Sidelined and Crabby

After waking up at the crazy early hour of 5:00am on Thursday, I completed Day 18 of 30 Day Shred, leaving me with two days left on Level 2 before moving on to Level 3. I was excited to be so close to finishing Level 2 and taking my measurements and weight. The plan was to do the last two Level 2 workouts on Friday and Saturday morning, rest on Sunday and start Level 3 on Monday.

It wasn’t to be.

While flipping my hair to condition after my shower, I heard a pop and felt immediate pain through my lower back. It took the breath right out of me and I stayed doubled over for a moment, until I felt sure I could get upright. It took a moment, but I was able to stand up and hobble to the bedroom floor, where I immediately stretched, hoping it would ease the pain. It didn’t.

Transitions from sitting to standing were brutal for the first two days but it’s getting easier now. My back is really stiff in the morning and loosens up throughout the day. A two-hour walk at a historical site yesterday really made things feel much better.

In fact, I felt so good at bedtime last night that I set out my workout clothes and set the 5am alarm for this morning’s workout. However, when the alarm went off this morning, my back was so stiff when I stood up that I figured it would better to skip the workout; this in turn made me crabby.

Usually, I’m okay with being sidelined from exercising because I’m lazy like that. This time, though, it’s making me frustrated and crabby. According to WebMD, it could take up to six weeks to heal completely. Fortunately, WebMD also says I can start light, low-impact cardio with gentle stretching after three days of rest, so that’s the plan for this evening.

Yes, I realize WebMD isn’t a doctor, but I don’t care to go to doctors except for annual wellness checks and serious issues. Going to see a doctor who will simply tell me to rest, ice, take ibuprofen and do some gentle stretching seems pretty pointless. If the pain doesn’t go away in a few weeks (it better!), I’ll see a doctor to rule out anything more serious. Most likely, this is a strain or sprain, though…it’s happened to me before.

Going back to how the injury occurred…it pisses me off that I made it through a tough workout only to injure myself doing my hair. Yes, you can laugh; most of my friends have. Mostly I just feel like a clumsy idiot between this and rolling my ankle a few weeks ago. Besides, I’m pretty sure injuries like mine have happened to someone else…while head banging, perhaps?

Maybe this guy can relate.

Have you ever had an injury you felt embarrassed of? Feel free to share it in the comments.

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