New Goals with 30 Day Shred

As of Wednesday, August 22nd, I recommitted to fitness. I was tired of being tired and lazy. It’s time to revamp my life to find the happiest, fittest me.

I canceled my gym membership because I never used it; funds are being redirected to purchasing fitness equipment for a home gym. The first addition will be a set of Bowflex SelectTech weights so I can successfully complete ChaLean Extreme at home. I’ve learned I am NOT a gym rat. I am much more comfortable exercising at home on my own time, without having another driving destination. If I get the hankering to do a class, I will find drop-in classes, of which there are plenty through Community Education. Maybe things will change someday in the future, but exercising at home works best with my schedule for the foreseeable future.

Now for my plan. I started Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred, which I’ve attempted before, but never completed beyond a week or two. My goal is to complete it, in it’s entirety, by October 1st. I will do 10 days on each level, allowing some rest days as needed.

To add to the craziness, my plan is to complete my 30 Day Shred workouts before work, which means getting up at 5:00 am! I am NOT a morning person, so this will truly be a challenge. However, I will reward myself with coffee. My reason for choosing to torture myself in the morning? Energy during the day, no time to accumulate excuses to skip my workout and fall mornings are beautiful so why not be awake for them?

Going a step further, exercising a minimum of 5 days per week through the month of November – holidays and all – will get me a laptop or tablet for Christmas. I need to reward myself big for goals met, as this seems to be the most effective form of motivation for me.

As for eating, the focus will be on eating a lot less fast food, decreasing the amounts of processed food, decreasing soda consumption and increasing water intake. I’ll also be focusing on not eating when I’m not hungry. I’m not getting super restrictive here because that only discourages me. Basically more meals at home equals fewer calories and more cash!

I took my measurements and weighed myself on the first day of 30 Day Shred and will do so again at the end of each level only. Frequency of these after 30 Day Shred will depend on which program follows.

What I won’t be doing is setting any goals regarding inches lost, number on the scale or clothing size. After being at the weight loss and fitness game for almost three years, I know that these things don’t always measure effort or success accurately. My focus will be on commitment to fitness and amount of effort.

As I meet goals, I will set rewards for future goals; this is something I haven’t done much of in the past. I hear it works. I just know it’s time to take control again before everything I lost before is back.

I know I have declared plans like this before, but I feel it’s better to get it out there for even more accountability. This time feels different, though I can’t quite explain it.

Anyone else have a new goals they’re working on?

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