Bunker Hills 8k

On Saturday, April 7th, I ran the Bunker Hills 8k. It was a cold, gray day; one that makes me want to stay warm in bed. But, I pulled myself out of bed, got dressed and headed for the race.

This is a small race that offers a Kid’s 1 mile, a 5k and an 8k. I figured I’d go with the 8k, knowing that I have a half marathon looming in the not-too-distant future.

I arrived early enough to have time to pick up my bib and shirt, use the restroom and watch the Kid’s run before lining up for the race.

The awesome part of this day was that The Kiddo ran the Kid’s 1 mile. Earlier in the week, we had spent some time chatting while swinging at the park and in our conversation, I told him about the race. He was all in once he heard that the 1 mile race offered finisher ribbons.

Kiddo ran a great race. He started at the back of the pack and ended up finishing the race in 9:48, which put him finishing around 15th overall. He was just outside of winning a trophy, but all that matters is he had a good time and gave great effort. When recapping his race, he told us he had passed a lot of people who started walking, but he didn’t have to walk! Kiddo and Nate watched the kid’s awards ceremony, but my race started at the same time, so I had to run (literally).

My race was fairly uneventful, other than the first mile or so being really hilly. The course is among the prettiest I’ve run so far, so that made the time pass quicker. I didn’t bring my music because with the threat of rain, I didn’t want to ruin my electronics. It did start sprinkling during my final mile, so not brining the iPod was a good decision. I just let myself go at an easy race, thinking of it as a training race for my upcoming half. I ran dead-on 11 minute miles for the first four miles. Somehow, I got slightly slower during mile five, so my finishing time was 55:37.

Overall, it was a good race. Since it was so small, there wasn’t much for race support, only one water station on the course, and it was a little disorganized at the start. However, I would consider running this one again since the course is beautiful and the long-sleeve tech shirt was super comfortable. And it wasn’t white!

I realize I’ve been neglecting the blog for about a month now. A slight bout of depression (or laziness?) took over and I couldn’t find anything to write about…until one of my readers let me know that I still have at least one reader looking for more posts from me! So, thanks to my awesome reader who gave me a swift kick in the hiney.




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