St. Patrick’s Day 2012

I wore green to the Get Lucky 7k. Same thing, right?

Saturday morning, I made my way to downtown Minneapolis for the Team Ortho Get Lucky 7k. It was sunny and the temps were in the 60s by the race start time at 9am!

Last year, I wore double layers against the cold temps for this race and this year, I wore capris and a festive green tshirt. I was already a little too warm before I even started running. I didn’t sport the green hair this year, mostly because I knew I would only sweat it off.

I met up with my running group before the race and ended up running the entire thing with two of them. We went at a nice, easy pace and determined beforehand that fun would be the goal of the day.

Normally, I try to run the entirety of my races, with the exception of walking through the water stops. This time, however, I needed to stop around the 2k mark to stretch my overly tight calves. Even so, my finishing time was 49:36, which wasn’t terrible. This year’s time was slower than last year’s, but that’s okay. My goals are different for running this year, with FUN being the priority.

After the race, we headed to Stanley’s in Northeast Minneapolis for some well-deserved beers. What would St. Patrick’s Day be without an Irish beer? I had a Smithwick’s and a Guinness. Yum. The food was also delicious and the conversation was even better.

Following Stanley’s, we headed to Sebastian Joe’s for ice cream. It was my first time there and it was worth the hype. The Nicollet Pot Hole ice cream and the raspberry chocolate chip were amazing together!

After a slight communication problem, we were able to meet up with Nate, who was my ride home. Nate and I spent the rest of the day being “old.” A shower and nap for me, a trip to the grocery store and dinner at home in front of the television. Although partying on a “drinking holiday” can be fun, it just isn’t worth being on the roads, so we stayed home and stayed safe. And I caught up on my sleep!

All in all, it was a great St. Patrick’s Day and I’m so glad we had such amazing weather!

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