The Full Monty

As of today, I’m fairly certain I can now be considered certifiably crazy. I took the plunge and registered for the Women Rock MN Marathon…yes, the full Monty.

The race will be held on September 1st in the Twin Cities. My only goal will be to finish in the six hour time limit. I will not put any expectations on myself to actually run all of it.

I’ve been toying with the idea of a full marathon for a few months, but considering I haven’t yet completed a half marathon, I figured I should put those thoughts to rest. Then, I saw the jacket for the Women Rock MN. Obviously, I’m addicted to jackets and this is officially the third race I’ve registered for based solely on the jacket. I think I need therapy.

Along with the jacket, finishers will get a silver pendant rather than a race medal, and champagne will be handed out at the finish. Awesome! Oh, and the race is women-only, which should be a fun experience. Wait…did I mentioned these guys are handing out the pendants?

My finace is lucky he's even hotter than that out-of-shape firefighter....

On Thursday night, after our weekly run, the ladies from the running club convinced me to sign up for the full marathon. This will be the first (and maybe only) full marathon for three of us. We will support each other and keep each other company on long training runs. I’m looking forward to the furthered camaraderie more than any other part of this adventure. Although, sometimes I wonder why my idea of a good girl’s night out includes running instead of shopping; but at least we have the beer drinking part right!

Add one more thing to the list of reasons why 2012 is an awesome year!

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2 Responses to The Full Monty

  1. chariander says:

    Aieee! I was just looking at doing this race with the gym buddies! Purely for the girly bling – Team Ortho has the best race swag;) Forgive me for not knowing this but I didn’t think you were local here? Have I missed out on meeting you for this long and you’ve been here the whole time?! Regardless, I’d love to meet up with you when you’re in town!

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