Lesson from Running

As I mentioned before, my first year of running has taught me a lot about myself and about life. I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on the past year and wanted to share some of those thoughts, even though some of them will be repeats of things I’ve mentioned before.

*Above all else, I learned that I am capable of more than even I thought possible. Over 200 miles and 16 races in one year is quite an accomplishment for someone who previously hated running.

*Running means something different to each person and the meanings and motivations for each person change on a daily basis.

*The best races will always be the ones you had the most fun at, had the best swag or had the best post-race fuel.

*Regardless of the distance, the speed or the effort, the end of a run or race is always the best part.

*Running, as with most things in life, is more fun with friends.

*Very few people will remember your race times, splits or pace. What will be remembered are your determination, motivation and heart.

*Pushing beyond our comfort zone is the only way to grow.

*It feels good to cheer and encourage others, even if they’re faster than you and especially if they’re slower than you.

*Smile for the camera even if you’d rather not.

Lastly and most importantly:

*Whatever your speed, there will be someone slower and someone faster than you. There will always be someone who can run farther and someone who can’t run as far. There will always be someone thinner and someone thicker. There will always be someone older and someone younger. But, there will never be someone who has been on your exact journey and that is why comparing yourself to others only distracts from your accomplishments.

What lessons have you learned from running?

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1 Response to Lesson from Running

  1. arbohl says:

    Ohhhh I love this. Especially the last lesson. I’ve been trying to tell my volleyball players something similar. Hopefully it will start to sink in 🙂

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