A Sweet Surprise

In preparation for my workout on Tuesday night, I had stacked my folded shorts, tank top and sports bra on the dresser. Nate was at a friend’s house and I had just come home from a class. As I pulled the sports bra off the top of the stack, I noticed a small piece of paper tucked between it and the next article of clothing.

Tears may or may not have filled my eyes, thinking about what an awesome guy I have! I love that he notices the effort I put into exercise and that he’s my biggest cheerleader (actually, I think there’s tight competition between him and Kiddo in that regard).

Even though my fitness journey is for me, I love that I have so much support from those I love!

When I read blogs or weight loss forum comments from people who don’t have the support of their friends and family, it makes me sad. I wish everyone had the support system I have because I think it makes a world of difference. We can lose weight, eat healthier and become more fit without support, but having it makes life so much easier!


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2 Responses to A Sweet Surprise

  1. Neon Blonde Runner says:

    OH my goodness, that just made me very very happy (and envious!) What a sweet little thoughtful (but very meaningful) gesture.

  2. Abby says:

    That is so very cool. My mom snuck a card into my luggage before this last work trip and it totally made me smile. I love sweet surprises 🙂

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