Running Safely

Today, SkinnyRunner featured a post by guest who wrote about running safety. I think it was much needed and you can find the post here. Below is the comment I left on that particular post. I highly recommend reading the post and the comments.

Sherry Arnold’s disappearance has hit me hard. Every time I read something about it, it makes me cry. But, it has caused a lot of great discussions about safety in the running community, the blogosphere and in my personal life. In fact, last night I was thinking a post such as this one needed to be written; I hope it’s okay to link this post because it’s worded much better than I could do.

I’ve always been very safety conscious – I don’t listen to music while running, I make eye contact with people I pass and give them a wide berth, I let family members know my route and how long I’ll be gone, I take the dog when I’m at home, etc.

My boyfriend scolds me when I didn’t run with my phone (not a problem now since all cold weather running gear has pockets AND I have a Spibelt for summer running now) and the fact that a group of ladies run the same route every Thursday at the same time. However, the husbands know the route and what time we should be back.

I’ve recently considered carrying mace because even though it may not be helpful against an attacker, it would help against a dog or animal attack.

The comments contain wonderful additional tips, but one I’d like to add is to take pictures with your phone of people/cars that look suspicious and send them to a family member. If something were to happen, it might help. As another commenter mentioned, when people know you have information about them, they’re less likely to do something.

Texting license plate numbers to a family member may also help. Use the wonderful technology we have available to us in every way you can!

If you’re the type who believes in prayer or in sending positive thoughts or love through the universe, please do so for Sherry Arnold and those who knew and love her. A tragedy such as this shouldn’t occur to anyone anywhere.

More information about Sherry can be found on her relative’s blog here.



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4 Responses to Running Safely

  1. Jamie Walker says:

    I read this too…yikes, such a wonderful reminder to run smarter, and run safer.

  2. arbohl says:

    Good post. Sending up lots of prayer for Sherry Arnold and her family.

  3. Adderall says:

    Thank you a bunch for sharing this with all of us you actually realize what you are talking about! Bookmarked. Kindly also seek advice from my site =). We may have a link alternate agreement between us

  4. I like the texting l.p. idea. Never thought of that, had a creepo taking pics of me last year and then driving past a few times. Scared me so much I didn’t run outside for several months. You should read a few posts back on my blog. I unfortunately had a horrible near death experience. It did the trick…now I’m SO careful. I guess I needed the wake up call, had been following Sherry’s story and even that didn’t knock some sense into me like I thought it would. Good to meet you, found you over at SR’s blog. 🙂 Jessica

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