Camelbak Groove .6L Bottle – Review

I received this bottle as a birthday gift back in April and just now got around to using it. Sad, I know, and I don’t even have a good excuse. Once I finally took the time to wash the bottle and prep the filter about three months after I received the bottle, I stuck it in the cupboard and forgot about it. Occasionally when I would remember it, I would forget again by the time I was home next.

The reason I was given the bottle in the first place was because the water from the fountain at my place of employment was nasty. Although it was clear and didn’t appear to have anything floating in it, it was highly metallic in taste; like suck on a copper penny metallic. I was drinking the water at work, but using Crystal Light to mask the metallic taste.

Finally remembering to bring it to the office, I gave it a try after lunch today. I had my doubts about the bottle being all it promised to be.

After observing again that the water was clear in appearance and free of “floaties,” I took a sip.

It was awesome! The water tasted like water should…nothing, except cold and refreshing! I am officially in love with the bottle and feeling really bad about not trying it sooner. I could have been saving a lot of money on the 24 oz. Ice Mountain bottles I was buying. I’m pretty disappointed in myself.

The Camelbak website says the filters last three months, though I’m sure this varies based on amount of use. Thankfully, replacement filters and bite valves are fairly inexpensive ($10 for a 2pack of each, though they were less expensive on Amazon). I’m guessing like the Brita filters for kitchen taps, it will be obvious when the filter needs to be changed. Either way, it’s all still cheaper than continuing to purchase the bottled water.

I have to say a huge thanks and I’m sorry to Nate. He bought me the bottle and was disappointed I wasn’t using it and loving it as much as he thought I would. Hopefully finally giving it a try AND blogging about it makes it up to him. Forgive me!


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2 Responses to Camelbak Groove .6L Bottle – Review

  1. arbohl says:

    I love camelbak! I had no idea they made a water bottle with a filter. Looks like I found y next purchase…

  2. Oh thanks for sharing your review of this….I LOVE the idea of it, because sometimes the water at work tastes a little funny. The only thing that would bother me is the fact that you have to replace the filters further down the road…but it would be totally worth it if the water tastes bad!

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