2011 Goals Revisited

In looking back at the goals I set at the beginning of 2011, I thought I’d give a recap on the results. A few weren’t met, but that’s one of the reasons I make such a long list!

Goal: Complete one running event per month for the entire year

Result: Completed 16 races, with a minimum of one per month.

One 10 miler

One 5 miler

One 4 miler

One 2k

One 1/4 marathon

One Warrior Dash

One 7k

Nine 5ks, including one trail 5k

Goal: Be able to complete 10 “real” pushups

Result: No progress made on this goal


Goal: Complete one full 90 day circuit of ChaLean Extreme

Result: Completed 45 days, then quit. Adding to 2012 goals and re-started on 1/2/2012.


Goal: Attend the Path Intl. conference inLexington,Kentucky

Result: Attended and had a blast!


Goal: Be able to complete one unassisted pull-up

Result: No progress made on this goal. Adding to 2012 goals


Goal: Complete Warrior Dash without dying.

Result: Completed Warrior Dash without dying and had a blast. I am already signed up for 2012.


Goal: Finish visiting the Minnesota State Parks

Result: Very little progress made on this goal due to other family obligations.


Goal: Start and official blog

Result: Done, complete with followers and commenters!


Goal: Run 150 miles in 2012

Result: Ran 150 miles then upped goal to 175 and met that as well!

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One Response to 2011 Goals Revisited

  1. great job in 2011….and I bet 2012 will be even better 🙂

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