2012 Goals



I have spent the last few weeks determining my goals for 2012 and after much thought, here they are:

  • Complete 20 races (one must be a duathlon)
  • Run 400 miles
  • Complete one full 90 day circuit of ChaLean Extreme (re-started 1/2/2012)
  • Shave 10 minutes off my Warrior Dash time from last year
  • Run a sub-30 5k
  • Make it to the finish line alive and in one piece for both half marathons (preferably in under 3 hours, but I’m not pushing my luck).
  • Pay off my car, credit cards and medical bills
  • Either hit my goal weight of 150 or fit comfortably in size 8 jeans
  • Cook dinner at home at least twice weekly instead of eating out
  • Blog more frequently, at least three times weekly
  • Write new goals weekly, per Chalene Johnson’s book PUSH
  • Visit my horse at least once per week

I know it seems like a long list, but I honestly think they are all within my reach. Some will take more work than others, but I have 12 months to get there. Funny enough, I just looked at the list more closely and there are 12. Twelve goals for 2012. I honestly just noticed that and I think that fact makes it more apparent that I’m on the right track.

So far, I’ve completed one race, ran 3.1 miles, have completed Day 1 of ChaLean Extreme and written one blog post for the New Year. I think I’m off to a great start!

Is anyone else off to a great start? Any crazy goals or resolutions?



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1 Response to 2012 Goals

  1. I think those are some great goals. Well rounded and realistic, for sure. Best wishes to you throughout the year. The hard part for me is remembering that I don’t have to accomplish them all right away. I do have the whole year.

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