Postponed Plans and Family Frustrations


Last week I wrote about my fitness plans with strength training three times per week, running two to three times per week and flexibility training once per week. I planned on starting yesterday, but plans had to be postponed.

On Sunday, I managed to pull a muscle in my back, though I’m not completely sure how it happened. Regardless of how, I’ve decided I should wait on the strength training for a little while. I’m going to start fresh with ChaLean Extreme starting January 2nd.

I let my sore back be an excuse to do nothing yesterday, which led me to being frustrated and gave me too much time to think. Instead of being happy about the pleasant holiday weekend I’d just had, I focused on what I want to change for 2012. Primarily, I want my home life to be more settled. My mom and sister both moved in with me a few years ago due to my sister losing her job and my mom’s relationship dissolving. We all figured it would be a temporary situation, but for various reasons, it’s become more long-term.

Although I love both my mom and sister, they aren’t always easy to live with. Lately, they’ve been bickering and letting the house become even more of a mess than usual. It grates on my and when I say something about it; they tend to not take me seriously since I only spend about 40% of my time at home. Last night, I sat down and wrote out what I want to see changed. I plan on discussing with them later in the week when we’ll all be home together.

This morning, my mom and I had a brief conversation about it and she stated that she agrees with me. She said she even wrote up the things she would like to see change for 2012 last week. My sister will be the one we’ll have a difficult time getting on board.

The other item that had me frustrated is that it gets hard living primarily out of a duffel bag and my car. With me spending about 40% of my time at my house and 60% of my time at Nate’s house, I have to plan my clothes and activities a few days in advance so I have everything I need with me. With my house being full (three people, four cats and a dog), we can’t have time alone at my house, so we spend our time together at his place. The fact that Kiddo is allergic to cats doesn’t help the matter, so we also can’t be at my house on the days he has the Kiddo with him.

Most of the time, I can ignore the fact that I’m constantly on the go, but for a few days every couple of months, I focus on the lack of stability in my schedule. I purchased my house five years ago so that I would have stability, routine and a place of my own to go home to every night. Obviously this hasn’t happened. I realize I allowed my current situation to happen, but that doesn’t mean I’m happy about it. Something needs to change.

Part of my New Year’s Resolution for 2012 is to work on creating more harmony in my life with those I spend the majority of my time with. The rest of my resolutions will be posted later this week and thankfully they will be goals that only I can control.

*Although I prefer my posts to be of a more positive nature, I felt I needed to get this out there for me. The happier Heather will be back soon.*

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2 Responses to Postponed Plans and Family Frustrations

  1. Sounds very stressful to me! I know that it’s hard for me to have any sort of sanity or good feels about life when my home life is turned up on it’s side…a harmonious home is such an important building block. That’s wonderful that you’re working to keep the communication lines open with your sis and mom, that is the ONLY way to fix it, nice work!!

  2. Abby says:

    I think getting it out IS healthy and helps you to become the “Happy Heather” you apologized for not being lately. Things happen, and your situation sounds stressful. However, you know what you want to do to handle things and it sounds like your mom is on board with the changes. Hang in there and vent all you need to. After all, it’s your blog. 😉

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