Running Wins the Popularity Contest

Well, I didn't, but running did.

Since there are so many running blogs, most of which are much better than mine, I try to vary my topics on my blog. Plus, running isn’t my whole life, just something that has become a passion and a way to not weigh 200 lbs anymore. I love running, but I know a lot of people don’t and therefore don’t want to read about it every day.

All of that being said, whenever I do write a blog post about running, it always has more hits than a blog post on any other topic. This leads me to wonder whether runners are more likely to read blogs that the general population or if it’s just that activity-based posts are more interesting. I’m sure a reason for the popularity of running posts has to do with the fact that I read and comment on a lot of running-related blogs, but I’m sure that isn’t accounting for all of it.

I like having variety in my posts and really try to write about what is on my mind on a particular day and will continue to do so, but I would love to know whether those who read my blog would prefer there be more running talk or less running talk. I won’t guarantee that I would make any changes because the reason for my blog is to write what I want to write, but I’m curious.

For now, though, it looks like Running wins the Popularity Contest!

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