When a Bookworm Finds a Blog

As someone fairly new to reading blogs, I have a somewhat strange habit when I find a new blog. Rather than just reading from the current date going forward, I tend to go back to the very first post on the blog and read everything until I’m caught up to current date. To me, starting with the post on the day I discover the blog is like jumping into a novel at the half way point. I feel like I’ve missed a lot of the story, so I prefer to start at the beginning. After all, a true bookworm would never skip parts of a story!

Once I’ve read a blog from the beginning to present, I feel like I know the author, just as I would know the characters in a novel. They’ve made me laugh, they’ve made me cry and they’ve made me think. If they haven’t done at least two of those things in the first few posts, I’m not sticking around to read more. Maybe I’m a tough audience.

After I’ve read the entire blog, I add them to my Google Reader so I can keep up with them on a daily or weekly basis. At this point, I’ll start commenting and start reading other reader’s comments. Some of the bloggers have even started reading my blog…it’s like we’re blogosphere friends!

When I started my own blog, I was thrilled when I saw readers and sometimes the authors of my favorite blogs were actually clicking over to look at my blog. I get excited whenever someone leaves a comment or starts following my blog.

I realize how strange I am about reading, but I’m probably worse with books. The paperback books in my collection (and I prefer paperback over hardcover) look brand new because I never crack the bindings. I have a small heart attack when someone else cracks the bindings in one of my books, which is why I rarely lend books out. I’m selfish that way. But, books have always been some of my most prized possessions. My family is probably glad I do most of my reading on a Kindle now….fewer new books stacked around the house and no flipping out about cracked bindings. However, keep your hands off my Kindle!

I’m curious as to whether anyone else has strange blog reading or book hoarding habits.

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1 Response to When a Bookworm Finds a Blog

  1. You are so sweet, thanks for stopping by and commenting on my marathon stuff 🙂

    I also love reading blogs from the beginning, I agree that it really gives you a sense of who the person is!!

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