We’re Streaking!

Borrowed from Runner's World website.

Well, not anymore. I was attempting to do the Runner’s World Holiday Streak, which was running at least one mile per day to ward of those extra pounds most of us tend to accumulate during the holiday season.

It all started well. I made it through day four.

All day yesterday, I was dreading getting on the treadmill for one mile. The various reasons included eating too much early in the day (french toast, pizza, wings), the fact that I dislike Nate’s treadmill (it isn’t accurate on pace or distance), and that I couldn’t run outside because of the footing…well, that an procrastination.

Had I gone early in the day when the temperature was in the mid 30s, the footing would have been fine. However, I dragged my feet until it was dark (5:30pm) and everything that had melted during the day had started to refreeze.

Nate reminded me that if I started to make running into a chore, it wouldn’t be fun and I would stop doing it all together. He’s right, of course. So, he talked me into a brisk walk around the neighborhood instead of a torturous mile on the treadmill. I’m glad he did.

The streak has ended, but I’m still sticking to my plan of strength training three days per week using ChaLean Extreme, two or three days of running and one day of rest and/or the ChaLean Extreme Recharge video (basically yoga).

For anyone who may be interested in the Holiday Streak, you can check it out here.

"We're Streaking!"

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