Why Wait?

Every day, I read the words, “When I weigh less, I will…” on weight loss forums. My thoughts? Why wait?

Why let your life pass you by? What’s really going to change by losing the weight before you try something new?

Sure, there are some things that have weight limits, but most of the things I see people list are not dependent upon weight. Things like going hiking, trying to run, learning to ride a bike, visiting a new vacation locale. The thing is many of these experiences will help someone lose weight or help with the motivation to become active, healthy and fit.

I was still over 200 lbs. when I started hiking, running and snowshoeing. Not surprising, they helped me shed 44 lbs over two years. Sure, the weight loss wasn’t rapid, but I’ve been able to maintain what I’ve lost so far. Also not surprising is the fact that it has become much easier doing those same activities as it was when I weighed more. I can do them more often and for longer distances and times than before. I’ve been able to see my progress in yet another way which isn’t tied to a number on the scale.

Embarrassment is the number one reason I hear for not doing something now. The truth is, very few people will notice or care what you’re doing. Those who criticize are to be ignored because it’s obvious they are not happy with themselves in some way; others who notice will think, “Way to go, good for you!” even if they don’t say it to you. The  important people, meaning the ones that truly care about you, will be supportive and proud of you; these are the only people who matter.

By doing the things you want to do but are afraid of due to weight, you’ll live a fuller life and be happier even if the weight doesn’t come off as fast as you hope. You’ll have interesting, exciting status updates and pictures to post to your Facebook page or blogs. You’ll find the desire to be active and stay active, you’ll have interesting conversation for the people you spend time with and the new people you meet (because you will want to meet new people).

What other excuse do you have? Get out there and do the things you’ve been holding yourself back from. Be honest, it isn’t really the weight holding you back (except in cases of doctor’s orders), it’s you.

As one of my favorite bloggers, Bitchcakes, says, “The only thing stopping me is me.”

So, don’t stop yourself any longer!

Enjoy the journey. Invest in experiences, not things. You’ll be so glad you did.


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