Beer, Thai and Yoga

That explains my night in a nutshell.

I’ve mentioned before that in an attempt to meet new people and try new things, I’ve been using the website to fill up my social calendar. Tonight, I went out with a ladies Meetup group called Hip Chicks.

We started at Flat Earth Brewing in St. Paul, where we were given a sample of their Belgian Pale Ale (very good) while we waited for the tour to start. Then, we went into the very small brewery (2,000 square feet!) and learned about the history of the brewery, as well as brewing 101 from the owner. The brewery has been in business five years and is experiencing lots of growth.

Next, we had the opportunity to taste three more of their beers. I tried Angry Planet next, a pale ale with citrus hints. It was almost as good as the Belgian Pale Ale. I also tried their Cygnus X-1 Porter, which was my favorite; it had good coffee flavoring and was smooth, but still a little hoppy. Yum! They also offered their Northwest Passage IPA, but after the owner explained that it’s the hoppiest beer made in the Midwest, I knew I wouldn’t care for it. I tend to not like beers that have the bitter, hoppy aftertaste.

After mingling while drinking our beer samples, we headed to Supatra’s for Thai cuisine. This was my first experience with Thai and thankfully the ladies from the group were kind enough to explain the different Thai options and make recommendations. I had the Bangkok Special, which was basically a spicy stir fry with chicken served with white rice; it was delicious! One of the gals from the group also let me try some of her Pad Thai, which was also fantastic. I’m disappointed I’ve been missing out on Thai food!

The conversation at dinner with the three ladies I sat with was entertaining and we all decided we needed to keep in touch. One is already signed up for the Get Lucky 7k I’m doing in March and the other two are considering it! I just happened to end up meeting the other runners from the group…funny how that happens, isn’t it?

Once I got home, I did the ChaLean Extreme Recharge workout, which is a 20 minute yoga video. It was very relaxing and my hamstrings feel so much better. I was going to take today as a rest day, but thought the stretching would help my legs prepare for tomorrow’s 5k.

All that’s left to do tonight is to relax and watch the snow come down outside. Tomorrow’s race might be an interesting (and slow) one if the snow keeps coming down. But, it is Minnesota in December and this is only our second snowfall.

Tonight was such a fantastic night and I’m so glad I went to this Meetup. I’m really looking forward to seeing the ladies again and maybe even having some new friends to run with!

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