A New Runner

Dressed in wind pants, baselayer long-sleeved shirt, t-shirt, tennis shoes and a stocking cap, “The Kiddo” ran his first race. Along with his dad and two older cousins, the seven year old wonder ran the Gobble Gait 2k in 14 minutes!

I am so proud of this young man, who upon arriving at the race asked me, “do you remember that costume race you ran?” He was referring to the Monster Dash. I asked him if he would run the whole race and he told me he would; he wasn’t kidding!

With his running clothes and race bib, he was nothing short of adorable!

As soon as we got home from the race, he informed us he wants to run the 8k next year because the 2k wasn’t far enough! I suggested he try a 5k with me first.

I also asked him if he was a professional runner now and if he would keep running. He said, “yeah” while looking at me as if questioning why I would need to ask him something so obvious.

It warms my heart that he has taken an interest in something I enjoy and that he may be taking it up as well. We’ve exposed him without pushing and he seems to like the idea.

I’m just disappointed that I was running the 8k when he was running and therefore wasn’t able to cheer him across the finish line. It looks like it’s my turn to be the President of his fan club!

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