Racing into 2012

Just because they're cute!

As I mentioned in a previous post, for most of November, I’ve felt lazy and bloated. The scale was showing a number I didn’t like on November 1st when I last weighed myself and instead of making it a reason to buckle down and pay better attention to my health and fitness, I let it be an excuse to eat without abandon.

Since returning from my trip toKentucky, I’ve continued to keep track of what I’ve eaten, but I definitely haven’t increased my exercising or been eating very reasonably. Too much coffee, too many beers and too many snacks have made me feel bloated and my jeans to feel a bit snug.

On Tuesday, I was feeling pretty poorly about myself and was trying to dig up some motivation. Just as I was getting frustrated, I received an email from Team Ortho, the race organization that puts on the Get Lucky and Monster Dash, both of which I participated in this year. The email stated that registration was open for all of their 2012 races. I stopped the pity party and logged on to take advantage of the lower prices and signed up for three races. Things happen for a reason, right?

Originally, I planned on signing up for their entire Monster Series, but since I haven’t done a half marathon yet, I decided it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to sign up for two more. I also skipped out on the Duathlon for now because I just don’t know if I’ll have the desire or ability to bicycle this coming spring.

I did sign up for the Polar Dash 5k on January 1st, the Get Lucky 7k on March 17th and the Monster Dash on October 27th. Add these races to the Warrior Dash on June 30th and the half marathon in Virginia on May 20th and I’ve already filled up half of my (personally) required race schedule!

I do have two races scheduled for December 2011 – the Jumpin’ Jack Frost 5k on December 4th and the Resolution Run on December 31st, but the cold weather was hindering the motivation I have for them. Having spring races lined up has already made me feel better and at least momentarily, motivated to start an exercise program on Monday.

Even though I hate putting my exercise plans out there because I feel bad when I don’t follow through, I still feel like I need to in order to attempt some accountability. I know most of us have good intentions that we don’t follow through on, but if we don’t at least set goals, we’ll never do anything.

Here’s the current plan: three days of strength training per week using ChaLean Extreme and three days of running at least 2 miles each of those days. This time around, I’m going to try ChaLean Extreme with the resistance bands simply out of ease. I don’t have the funds to own fancy Bowflex Selectech weights, so it was cumbersome to change around the weights I do own. I think the bands will give me one less excuse. The minimum two mile run three times a week is so that I’ll hit the 6 miles weekly I need to hit 150 miles run for the year. I know 150 miles doesn’t seem like much to someone who runs, but considering I’ve been running less than a year, I think it’s been a good start. Next year, I hope to double my mileage and will need to in order to survive the half marathon.

I’m hoping getting back into exercising on a regular basis, other than the 3.1 miles I’ve been running every Thursday, will give me more energy and make me feel attractive again. Whenever I’m not exercising and feel less attractive, I know it directly affects those around me, especially my boyfriend. He and I both deserve to have me at the top of my game. Maybe I’ll even convince him to join in on the fitness fun…


Apparently my theme today...maybe because this is how I've felt?


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