New Motivation

On Friday night, I discovered I have a new president of the Heather fan club. The position previously held by my boyfriend Nate was taken over on Friday night by his seven year old son.

While putting the finishing glitter glue touches on my costume for the Monster Dash, “the kiddo” decided to make me a sign he could use while cheering me on. He first did a draft on plain white paper and once he was satisfied with the color choices, he made another sign on pink foam board.

"Go Heather the Tooth Fairy. Try to get a PR"

While making the sign, he says, “I’m going to write try to win.” I told him I would not win the race. Then he says, “how about for the girls?” I told him I’m not fast enough for that, either. So he says, “how about one a new record for you?” I told him that runners call that a personal record or PR. Hence the saying on the sign.

The next morning, we woke the kiddo at 6:30 am to get ready for the race. Thank goodness the kid is a super bubbly morning person! He was excited about wearing his costume to watch adults be silly running in their costumes.

My two guys dropped me off at the race village around 8am and left to find a parking spot near the after-party. Unfortunately, this meant they would not actually see me run any part of the race. They spent time wandering aroundSt. Pauland watching the half marathon finishers while they waited for me to run and get dropped off by the shuttle that transported the 10 Mile participants to the after-party location. It was around 11am by the time we walked to the car and the kiddo was on perfect behavior the entire time. He gave up half of his day, without complaining, for something that was important to me and was probably really boring for a kid (heck, for most adults who aren’t runners!).

My fan club president was bummed he didn’t get to see me run, but he asked me many questions about my run. We started talking about my next race, the Gobble Gait 8k on Thanksgiving morning, and he’s decided he wants to run the 2k with is dad; but only if he gets to see me run that morning.

During the weekend, Nate and I were talking about the distance of the Warrior Dash course. When I said it’s a 5k, the kiddo piped in with “that’s three miles, right?” Obviously the kid pays attention!

Then, something amazing happened. Spiderman (the kiddo) asked the Tooth Fairy (me) to go Trick-or-Treating with him. I consider that a huge honor, since I love Halloween. How could I not go when he’d spent all of Saturday being my #1 supporter? He even gave me one of the Snickers bars he received. The kid is awesome.

My new fan club president has become my newest motivation. When I don’t feel like running, I need to remember that I can’t stop because I can’t disappoint my fan club. It’s obvious he’s watching what the adults around him are doing and I’m hoping that if his dad and I are active, he will naturally remain active as well.

I think we’re on the right track, considering the kiddo knows what a PR is and how many miles are in a 5k. He also told me recently that we’re supposed to bike on flat trails and hike on hilly ones. I like his thinking.





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