October 2011 Challenge

Even though I covered some of this in my last post, I wanted to give more detail about what my plans are for this month. Though pretty identical to September’s plan, it helps me to lay it out again.

  • Focus on Intuitive Eating. Really listen to what my body is telling me it wants and needs. Eating slower to give my body time to give me the cues to tell me when I’m satisfied.
  • Getting my recommended daily water intake. I did great with this over the summer and it has slipped lately.
  • Increase amount of activity that can be considered exercise. By this I mean that I want to be active, but fun. I know that I don’t follow formal training plans well and if it isn’t fun, I won’t keep doing it. I do, however, love things like running and hiking. They’re fun for me and because they get my heart rate up, they could be considered true exercise.
  • No counting calories; those eaten or those burned. I think obsessing over numbers is what put me in the plateau I’m currently in and it’s counterintuitive, which obviously goes against the principles of Intuitive Eating.
  • Take my daily vitamins. I’ve been consistently taking them about five of seven days per week and need to increase that to every day.
  • Read more and watch less television. This is an area that I’ve definitely improved in, but the hardest times are those evenings when I’m home with my mom and sister, who are already camped out in the living room with the television on when I get home. It’s hard to be active when those around you are lumps on the couch and I need to get past that obstacle.
  • No weighing during the month. I weighed myself on October 1st, (which was actually down one pound from September 30th) and won’t do so again until October 31st. I’ll try to remember to take measurements in the next week as well to give myself another way to measure my progress. I never got around to taking measurements in September and I wish I had.

Here’s to hoping the trick-or-treaters will be scarier than the number on the scale on Halloween!

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