Coincidence? I Think Not.

For a long time, I’ve felt that the coincidences in life are signs from a higher power (angels, God, fate, etc.) telling me that I’m the right path. The frequency at which coincidences occur has been increasing significantly in my life over the past few years; the years where I’ve been paying attention to my health and becoming fitter. Interesting, isn’t it?

Often, the instances are small and seem irrelevant. For example, it occurs often that I hear a name of a town for the first time ever and shortly after hear the name of the town again for another reason. Of course, this happens on a much larger scale as well and it makes me stop and think.

Earlier this week, Nate (aka Awesome Boyfriend) and I were discussing how I’ve always wanted to visitJamestown,Virginiafor its historical importance. For those of you who aren’t versed in American colonial history,Jamestownwas the first permanent English settlement in our great country. The town was founded in 1607 and is a historical tourist site run by the National Park Service.

Fast forward to yesterday, when a friend on MyFitnessPal asked if I would be interested in joining her for the Run for the Dream half marathon inJamestown,Virginia. I literally stopped everything and stared at the email, wondering if she was a mind reader.

Earlier the very same morning, I was reading a blog by Suzi Storm ( about how she’d wanted to do a half marathon for a long time, but just KNEW when the right one came along. I was thinking to myself, “How would someone know?” After all, I’ve been toying with the idea of a half marathon for a while.

Well, now it all made sense! I just *knew* I needed to take advantage of this opportunity to not only do a half marathon, but to visit a place I’ve always wanted to see. I quickly sent a text to Nate, asking if he would go on a road trip toJamestownwith me for the half marathon. Being the lucky girl I am, he quickly responded that he would.

This morning, I officially registered for my first half marathon!! I’m so excited to not only have a new goal in sight, but to also be planning a trip to a historically significant place AND meeting at least one more of the wonderful, supportive friends from MyFitnessPal!

The friend I’ll be running with has already sent me the training plan she’ll be following so we can train together (just half a continent apart). Official half marathon training won’t start until February, so my focus for the remainder of 2011 will be to finish the once monthly 5ks and work on some strength training. I’m really excited and a little scared, but it’s just another goal that I *know* I can accomplish if I keep my sites on it. Plus, I’m told I need to train on hills for the half marathon course, which will also help me with next year’s Warrior Dash. It will be like killing two birds with one stone!

It looks like 2012 is already shaping up to be a memorable and awesome year.

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