We’ve Come a Long Way

On Saturday morning, my sister and I participated in the River Run 2k, which is part of the Rivertown Days festival inHastings,MN.

In the car on the way to the run, my sister commented that had I not gotten her out of bed that morning, she would have made the decision to keep sleeping instead of going for a run. She said she has wanted to get back to running, which she stopped for work and other personal reasons, and she hoped this would be the push to get her motivated again.

I asked her what her goals were for the race. She wanted to finish and she wanted to run/jog the entire thing. For many, running 1.24 miles is an easy feat; for others, especially those who haven’t run in months, those who were previously smokers and those who have been overweight, this can be a challenge. All are true for my sister.

We started the race out strong, with me telling my sister she should start slower and save energy for the end. After all, I now have six races under my belt from which to provide this wisdom.

About half way through, she started struggling and agreed that she should have started the race at a slower pace. For me, the run was an easy jog, but as I said before, I have several races under my belt; all of them 3.1 miles (5k) distance or greater. I was there for moral support more than anything.

I gave tips and generally chatted throughout the run, hoping to distract her from any negative thoughts that may have been rolling around in her head, to encourage her, and give her tips so she’s prepared when she takes on her first 5k. I have no doubt she’ll give at least one a try in the near future.

Like any good runner, she kicked up the speed when she spotted the finish. I let her surge ahead of me and she finished with a time of 15:42. Not too shabby for a girl who stopped smoking less than a year ago, lost over thirty pounds in the past year and hadn’t run in months. I’m proud of her.

In fact, I’m proud of both of us. She mentioned she didn’t think she would have ever thought about running a race if it hadn’t been for me. A year ago, I would have never believed I would be able to run a mile and not be out of breath and fearing death. We’ve both come a long way.

I can’t wait to see her go even further!

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