Half-Way There: My New Year’s Resolution Update

My 2011 New Year’s Resolution was to complete one running event per month for the entire year. As a new runner, I felt this was do-able but perhaps a bit aggressive considering I hadn’t done much training over the winter and my first 5k had to happen in the frigid, snowy month of January inMinnesota. Many thought I was crazy to start out the year that way.

The details of my first running event, the Celebration of Lakes 5k, are detailed in my January posts.

February brought another frigid, icy day with the Freeze Your Bunz 5k. March was the Get Lucky! 7k, April the Spring Fever 5k, May the Nick Claire Memorial 5k and June the Dew Run 4 miler. Detailed accounts are all chronicled in previous month’s posts.

When I made my resolution, I told myself my running events would be a 5k every month with the exception of an 8k in November. But, I’d have plenty of time to train for that, so it was okay. I never expected to raise my own bar quickly.

A friend of mine told me she would be doing the Get Lucky! 7k and I thought the distance was too far but I let myself get talked into it. Guess what? I had a blast! I’m planning on doing this one again to wear a cute St. Patrick’s Day costume while running if nothing else.

Friend from the website MyFitnessPal started the buzz about Warrior Dash, a 3 mile obstacle course in the mud. I couldn’t resist. I signed up and convinced my sister and boyfriend to sign up with me. The Warrior Dash is my July running event.

Now, the same friend who convinced me to do the Get Lucky! is trying to convince me to try a half marathon. The one she invited me to do with her is in two weeks, which I’m unprepared for, but once someone plants a seed, it’s hard for me to let go. The seed is planted.

I never in my life imagined that I would enjoy running, let alone continue to strive toward longer distances and new challenges. Now instead of strictly looking at 5ks, I’m thinking about 8ks, 10ks, half marathons and duathlons. It makes me giggle to think I could (and most likely will) do each one of them. For new adventures, I’m not concerned about the time, just finishing. It’s when I start doing multiples of the same event (think 5ks) that I start trying to beat my own time, but that’s a story for another time.

It’s time to start researching my events for Sept, October and December. The rest are planned and/or registered for.

This is a New Year’s resolution that will be met. Afterall, I’m half way there!

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