I Can’t Remember the Last Time…

This weekend, I have two grad parties to attend and the boyfriend’s family will be in town from Michigan. With the weather being lovely, I decided needed some Capris and shorts to wear to our outdoor events. After trying all of my summer pants on last weekend, I discovered I only have two pair of shorts and one pair of capris that fit at all; the rest all fall off!

Yesterday, to remedy the summer pant situation, I stopped at Kohl’s. I only had 30 minutes to spend at the store before I was needed elsewhere, but I figured I might be able to find one of the things I was seeking. I quickly swept through the store, picking up an armload of size 12 shorts and capris (I can wear most 12s and some 10s!) and headed to the fitting room. This was when the magic happened.

All of the size 12s I tried on fit and some were too big! I’m not going to lie…I did the happy dance in the dressing room. It’s been known to happen before and it will happen again.

After a quick second lap, I tried on a few more items and was happy to find a pair of shorts and a pair of capris I was happy with. In 20 minutes I had most of what I was seeking for the weekend! I can’t remember the last time I was able to find pants so quickly. It was amazing! Shopping really has become fun again. I’m not sure how my pocket book will like that…

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