43 Reasons to Celebrate Weight Loss

 Lists similar to this have been circulating on My Fitness Pal and they’ve challenged others to come up with their own lists. Creative? No, but it sure is fun! I’d love to see other’s lists as well.

Here are my 43 reasons, for the 43 lbs. I have lost as of this morning.

1. I can run 4 miles at once!

2. I have a waist again.

3. My clavicle is sexy

4. I’m no long winded going up small flights of stairs

5. It’s easier to get on my horse…I’m flexible enough to get my leg up to the stirrup AND I don’t feel bad for making my horse carry my weight anymore.

6. I love flexing my biceps

7. My heart rate and blood pressure numbers are awesome!

8. At my last doctor appointment, I was told I was the healthiest person they’d seen in a long time.

9. I have hope that I’ll be able to do pull ups and push ups someday.

10. My posture has improved from working with weights

11. Errands no longer wear me out

12. My next pant size will be a single digit!

13. I can wear med/large shirts instead of having to go directly to XL

14. High heels feel comfortable again because there is less weight on the balls of my feet

15. I can wear dresses without my thighs rubbing together and causing chafing

16. Shopping is fun now!

17. I enjoy outdoor activities, like hiking, because they’re easier now.

18. I look forward to running into people I haven’t seen in a while

19. I’m the smallest I’ve been since college!

20. I feel even more confident when I’m in the middle of an area teaching horseback riding lessons.

21. I don’t care if people see me dance

22. I’m looking forward to finding a cute/sexy Halloween costume

23. Swimsuit shopping isn’t scary anymore

24. I’ve discovered just how much I love oranges

25. The dog thinks I’m awesome because I take him for runs.

26. I’m not afraid of lifting weights.

27. Barn chores are easier!

28. Others ask my advice on exercising

29. I’ve learned happiness comes from stepping on the scale LESS often

30. Small changes add up and are easy to maintain

31. I don’t have to think about what clothes will or won’t fit for an important occasion

32. I strut my stuff on the karaoke stage

33. I’m actually considering going skydiving!

34. Compliments from others!!

35. Being able to carry groceries without needing help or a cart!

36. Being more than 10 lbs. lighter than my boyfriend (who is 4” taller than me!)

37. No longer needing a belt the same size as my boyfriend’s.

38. Being only 27 lbs away from my high school weight!

39. Knowing that all along, no matter what size/weight I am, I have always and will always love myself.

40. Others telling me I’m an inspiration.

41. Being a resource for other new runners looking for races and/or motivation

42. Being able to make it through an entire ChaLean/Jillian Michaels workout and still being able to stand!

43. Knowing I can accomplish anything I want to, even if it takes longer than I’d like it to!

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1 Response to 43 Reasons to Celebrate Weight Loss

  1. What a super great list, Heather! 43 pounds is outstanding! Close to single digit clothing must make shopping just wonderful.

    I could tell you how to do pushups and pullups. I need to make posts on that on my blog. I’m great in the gym, and not as good on the food. Well, you can be my inspiration for food. I’m very excited for your great work and all that’s to come.

    🙂 Marion (grew up in MN in Baudette, then in Dassel)

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