Another Running First

Surprisingly, I fared better than this guy!

Yesterday I just wanted to run. As a fairly new runner, the true desire to go for a run is still new to me and it sometimes takes me by surprise. If I were still the “old” me, meaning prior to weight loss and discovering fitness, I would have talked myself out of it because of the 95 degree heat and humidity. But, yesterday I discovered just how much I’ve changed.

After chilling a bottle of water in the freezer and changing into my coolest running clothes, I adjusted the iPod, slipped sunglasses on, and tied on my running shoes. I headed out the door vowing that although I’d attempt a run, I would absolutely listen to my body. Heat, especially when we cold Minnesotans aren’t used to it, can be dangerous.

I started with a brisk warm-up walk of five minutes and kicked it into a jog (I’m pretty sure my pace doesn’t yet qualify as a run). About ¾ of a mile in, I started noticing something. People were sitting in their shaded lawns, driveways and garages watching me run past. Some had strange looks on their faces, others pointed and spoke to their company. First, I thought perhaps I had too much jiggle, but then it hit me. The people who were staring and pointing were rather large in stature. Whether they were impressed by me or they thought I was plain crazy, I couldn’t help but be proud of myself for choosing to get up and run. There’s nothing like going from a complete non-runner to a hot weather runner to make one realize they’ve made significant changes not only in body but also in mind.

Even though I only made is two miles before slowing to a walk for the remaining mile, I accomplished something I’d never done before as an adult. I sweated more than I could ever remember, but I felt amazing!

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