Drowning in my Shirts!

During the weight loss process, it’s easy to notice the difference in my body when it comes to my pants because they move around when I walk if they’re too big. I can start to pull them off without unbuttoning or unzipping them and they bag out in certain areas.

When it comes to my shirts, though, I never feel like I’m making progress in the belly because my shirts just seem to keep fitting. That is until this past week. I’m starting to pull out the shirts I haven’t worn since the fall and I’m seeing and feeling the differences.

The first instance was with a shirt I bought a few years ago for $1 when Steve & Barry’s were going out of business. I was a men’s medium that said “It’s not my fault I’m Awesome!” on it. I LOVE the shirt for the wacky motto and bought it as a “goal” shirt. Even though I couldn’t wear it at the time I bought it (it was super tight and looked disgusting!), I held onto it thinking that maybe someday I’d wear it. That someday happened May 14th. I pulled it out of the drawer it’s been hiding in and tried it on. It fit…with a long-sleeved tshirt under it! I got SO many compliments on the shirt because of it’s saying. Plus, everyone can see it when you’re singing karaoke!

The next occurrence was on Thursday, May 19th. I pulled out another shirt that I hadn’t worn because it was too tight when I ordered it out of a catalog, but thought it would work. This one was TOO big to not wear something under it. So, out came the long-sleeved tshirt again. After wearing it all day, though, it became clear that I won’t be wearing it again because it even looks too big.

Lastly was today. I’m wearing one of my favorite polo shirts and that was a big snug when I ordered it from a catalog. After I lost some weight last year, I was able to wear it without it being too tight. It was still snug, but looked fine. I put it on today after going about eight months without wearing it and it’s loose! Thankfully it isn’t too loose, but it no longer grazes my belly when I’m standing. I can tell from this shirt that I’ve los inches in my chest, even.

Even though I’ve been going through my clothes and giving stuff away as I’ve gotten too small to wear it, it’s becoming obvious I need to go through my things a little more thoroughly and get rid of more items! It’s time to go shopping!

I think my mind is finally fully catching up with my body in terms of seeing myself as I truly look. I’ve never hated myself or how I looked, but the changes are finally becoming obvious to me as much as they are to others around me. Yipee!

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1 Response to Drowning in my Shirts!

  1. JavaChick says:

    Good for you! It sounds like you are making excellent progress. Having to go shopping because everything is too big is a nice problem to have. 🙂

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